Get the Right Job Programme

This term we are running a 4 week programme which is ideal for someone starting out on their job search.

1 – Skills and Capabilities

The first in the 4 part programme help members “Get the Right Job”

In this part we work on understanding and cataloguing your skills and capabilities. This will help you to understand what you can offer and what you should be applying for.

2 – CVs and application forms

Following on from the skills and capabilities session of the previous week, in this session we look at how to create a great CV and how to handle the increasingly common application forms.

3 – Where and how to look

For the third session we go into where and how to look for the right job. How to get the best out of the online tools and also how to use connections to find jobs that haven’t been advertised.

4 – Interviews

In the final session we look at how to prepare for and give your best in an interview.