Online Tools Practice Interviews

An online video interview tool that creates practice interview questions and where you get real-time feedback from your private and judgment-free “AI Interview Coach”. You choose your role and company and then Yoodli will ask you contextual follow-up questions based on your answers. It then generates your speaking report with analytics such as pacing and filler words, and suggestions to improve. Currently can do 5 sessions for free.

QuillBot AI Writing Aid

The paraphrasing tool is designed to help you find better ways of saying what you want to. You can copy in your text from a CV, cover letter or application form and then see what the tool suggests and then pick the options that work for you. There are lots of levels but even the free version can help.

Here is what it did to the paragraph above:
The purpose of the paraphrase tool is to assist you in expressing yourself more effectively. You can use the tool to copy and paste text from a CV, cover letter, or application form. It will then propose possibilities for you to choose from. Although there are several levels, the free version is still useful.


One of the most useful tools when preparing CVs and cover letters is Grammarly. This free service does a much more thorough grammar and style check than the basic tools in Word. It will help you avoid “silly” mistakes and make suggestions that may improve the quality of your application.

Pro Writing Aid

Another free tool for checking text for mistakes which allows for the uploading and saving of documents and provides real time checking of grammar and also style. Pro Writing Aid has more in depth tools than Grammarly with detailed reports on words used and style.