Job Adverts Recover to Pre Covid Levels

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In an article from the Office for National Statistics looking at a number of indicators of economic activities shows that Job Adverts in our area have recovered to their previous…

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Reinventing you career when over 50

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Redundancy does not mean the end. In fact it can be the beginning of a new chapter as this article from the Telegraph discusses with plenty of examples from people…

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Warden (Casual Hours) at Wandlebury

There is an opportunity for Casual hours Wardens who typically work 15-30 hours per month, mostly on weekends, but also help to provide holiday cover. Casual hours Wardens are contacted…

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Online Learning Resources

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An interesting and informative article which covers many of the main online learning platforms which can be useful for improving specific skills and knowledge. The platforms it covers are: General…

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Useful BBC Articles

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The BBC has recently publishes a couple of useful articles about finding a job Coronavirus: How do I find a new job and which sectors are hiring? How to get…

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Local Jobs on HI HUB

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HI HUB is currently publishing jobs in Histon and Impington. You can sign up for the weekly newslette, which includes the local jobs, at We also have a set…

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