CV help

We have had these sites to help with you CV suggested to us.

  • Top CV – they offer a paid service to help improve a professional CV, but seem to have a free review service
  • Novoresume  – a bit American, but could have useful templates to give inspiration for formatting a CV
  • Truely a site that aims to pick out the best sites for a topic in this case US based “Resume” or CV builders. But it could still be useful for inspiration.

National Job Listing Websites

Here is a selection of some of the National Job sites that job club members have used:

Job Search Engines

There are some search engines for job ads which pick up jobs from a wide range of sites, including aggregators and agencies, but some include direct company sites. It is best to sort by date to concentrate on recently added jobs as some searched jobs can be too old to be interesting.

Specialist National Sites

There are some more national sites that specialise in specific areas

Tutoo Tutoring

  • A service to help people find a tutor local to them
  • Completely free for tutors, students pay a finder’s fee
  • They don’t take any commission for lessons

No Desire to Retire

  • Aimed at over 50s
  • Can add your profile for employers looking mature people to search

Job Centre

  • The official job centre website
  • It is low cost for employers to advertise here so they get listings that others don’t have

NHS Jobs

  • Central site for NHS jobs
  • “Around 20,000 vacancies are advertised on this website every month. If you’re looking to begin or develop your career in the NHS, this site should be your first port of call.”

BMJ Jobs

  • Search engine for all GP and qualified doctor jobs
  • Includes career articles and advice

Teaching Jobs

  • Specialise in recruiting teachers from UK and Overseas
  • Have job listings that include Cambridge


  • National newspaper
  • Search on 22-1-15 found 58 jobs within 10 miles of Cambridge


  • National newspaper
  • Search on 22-1-15 found 12 jobs within 10 miles of Cambridge


  • National newspaper good for teaching and education jobs

The Dots

  • Jobs site & network for creators, creatives and freelancers


  • Skills based searches for IT, science and technology jobs
  • Run by a team of you academics