Cambridge Network Virtual Jobs Fair

Cambridge Network Virtual Jobs Fair

Cambridge Network will be hosting this event with a series of webinars in their second online event which has been designed to help you to identify your strengths, and to give you the tools to navigate today’s jobs market.

Everyone that signs up to attend the event, will receive a link to complete a Belbin Self- Perception report. This report will give you an idea of how you see your behavioural strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. These reports are usually £42 each, however as part of this collaboration Belbin are kindly offering them for FREE.

The day will begin at 11am, on the 16th of July. Claire Angus, Head of Recruitment Gateway at Cambridge Network, will lead a discussion on the current climate, vacancies available right now in the area and how jobseekers can use the Cambridge Network, Recruitment Gateway to apply for the latest opportunities.

The day will continue with a 1 hour workshop with Jo Keeler, Managing Partner at Belbin, who will talk you through how to read your report, and run a workshop entitled; Exploring using your strengths to project the best you! Put qualifications, job titles and experience to one side, and start identifying your behavioural strengths using the language of Belbin. In other words, understand more about the way you approach work and how you engage and interact with others, and use this information to project the best you!

We are also pleased to welcome Katherine Wiid – Recruitment & Retention, Career Management and Coach from Career Ambitions who will run the next careers workshop of the day. Katherine’s 1 hour workshop is entitled; An unexpected side effect of coronavirus: Career Resilience.

During this webinar, Katherine will share the key to having a career that will outlive the coronavirus. We’ll delve into ways to build career resilience:

  • adjust if you’re faced with furlough or redundancy
  • build confidence in what you can do with what you’ve got
  • future proof your career to ensure you are ready to ride out times of change and uncertainty.

Other exhibiting companies are:

* Arthur Rank Hospice

* Exemplas 

* Kvasir Analytics

Further details on exhibiting companies will follow. In the meantime, please keep an eye out for your Belbin report link coming out to you this week (check your junk mail)