Three interesting articles about your CV

How I read you CV – James Caan

How I Read Your CV | James Caan CBE | LinkedIn.

What employers look for with some helpful hints. I especially like this:

Finally, and I think I speak for all employers when I say this, make sure your personality shines through! Reading a CV should leave me wanting to meet you, it shouldn’t bore me. Forget the ordinary jargon; I want to know what you can bring to the table which nobody else can. Show me how you want the job more than anybody else.

10 Things you should leave off your CV

Lots more detail, but this is the list of 10, not all of which I would agree with:

1. Salary history
2. Reason why you left previous jobs
3. References
4. Political or religious affiliation
5. Jargon or abbreviations
6. Irritating buzzwords
7. Lies, exaggerations and embellishments
8. Where you live
9. A less than professional email account
10. Personal information

Words to delete from you CV

A collection of responses from different people, the words they suggest avoiding are:

Plus possibly: visionary, expert, futurist, seasoned, change agent and results-oriented

Chris Cox