• Skills For Life

    Skills For Life

    The Government has launched a website to bring together the skills training they offer with the advice and guidance they offer.

  • Structured vs Unstructured Job Interviews

    Structured vs Unstructured Job Interviews

    While this article is written for the User Experience world the points it raises are very general . It explains why more companies are moving to structured interviews. Despite the stress they generate, the effort they demand, and their high stakes, many hiring interviews are conducted haphazardly and lead to bad outcomes for both job […]

  • The Squiggly Careers Podcast

    The Squiggly Careers Podcast

    Interesting podcast series with lots of episodes covering a lot of different topics. amazingif.com/listen/ The episodes are geared to practical advice about how people can improve the way they build their career with many “self coaching” questions to ask yourself. The name of the series comes from the way careers are no longer like climbing […]

  • Job Adverts Recover to Pre Covid Levels

    Job Adverts Recover to Pre Covid Levels

    In an article from the Office for National Statistics looking at a number of indicators of economic activities shows that Job Adverts in our area have recovered to their previous levels. However there is quite a difference in the different sectors with Graduate, Catering and Retail being the lowest