The most important elements of these presentations have been combined into our 4 week “Get the right job” programme

Here are the presentations that we have used in the meetings which have covered a range of topics:

Previous Presentations

2018.01.12 CV Profile – How to construct a good CV Profile

2016.11.11 Choosing a SectorSIC codes – Broadening ideas about which sectors could be interesting

2016.10.28 Using your CV in an interview – Ways to anticipate interview questions from your CV

2016.10.21 Application Forms – How to approach filling in application forms

2016.10.14 Motivation for the search – How to build up motivation in general and to help get a job

2016.10.07 CV profile – A structure to help create a good profile

2016.09.30 Building a great CV – How to create an effective CV

2016.09.09 Getting the most out of a Job Fair – What to think about before during and after a job Fair

2016.06.24 Interview Checklist – Quick checklist of things to do to prepare for an interview

2016.06.17 Motivated skills – A way of discovering your best and most motivating skills

2016.05.06 Your elevator pitch – How to pitch yourself in casual meetings

2016.03.18 Increase the Impact of your CV and Application – Ways to improve the way to write a CV or application form

2016.03.11 Job Hunting Routines – Thinking about what routines are helpful while job hunting

2016.03.04 Networking and Job Hunting – An approach to finding out what your target job is really like

2016.02.26 Target Job Outline Target Job Worksheet – A quick way to decide what sort of job you are going for

2016.02.05 Keeping motivated while looking for a job – Different approaches to keeping up motivation levels

2016.01.29 Using your CV in an interview – How to prepare for possible questions that may come up in interview based on your CV

2016.01.22 Choosing the right keywords – A look at what a difference search terms can make when using job websites

2016.01.15 Speculative Applications – What steps to take to uncover the hidden job market and how to apply.

2016.01.08 Setting goals and targets  Job Search Goal and Target Worksheet – How to take control of the process and build good job hunting habits

2015.12.11 Reflecting on the job searchReflection Worksheet – A structured way to learning from our job searching experiences

2015.12.04 Understanding you top subject areasExpertise Enthusiasm worksheet – Worksheet to identify what you are good at and motivates you

2015.11.27 Telling your story – Experience worksheet STAR – Experience worksheet Competency – Worksheets that help structure stories to use in interviews

2015.11.06 Finding Job Opportunities – Looks at the places where we look for jobs and where employers look to recruit

2015.10.31 Meeting Job Descriptions – How to match what you can do with the job description

2015.10.16 Interview Top Tips – Tips and things to consider before and during an interview

2015.10.09 Building a great CV – Suggestions for the main elements of a CV

2015.10.02 CV Profile – A suggested way to put together a profile section on a CV

2015.09.25 Building a Skills Inventory – Ways to understand your skills and build up the stories that support them for applications and interviews

2015.09.18 Finding a Possible New Direction – An exercise to expand the thinking of possible new job directions uses this Finding a Possible Direction Worksheet

Previous presentations

CVs and Applications

Presentations that help with different aspects of putting together CVs and filling out application forms.

Cover Letters

Speculative Applications

Application Forms



Hints and tops to help prepare for and perform as well as possible in an interview.

Interview Top Tips

Anticipating Interview Questions

Phone and Video Interviews

Interview Questions

Interview Basics

The Process

Suggestions for where to look for jobs and how to go about the process including setting up a Linked-in profile.

Job Hunting Process

Job Searching in Cambridge    Cambridge Agencies

Getting the most out of LinkedIn

Finding Opportunities

Job Searching

Choosing a direction

Exercises and suggestions to help think through the different options and possibilities for the sort of job that would be ideal.

Making Contacts to Find a Job

Choosing a Sector  Possible Sectors worksheet

Building a Skills Inventory

Choosing a direction- understanding ourselves

Choosing a direction- career hot buttons    Career Hot Buttons Form

Identifying Skills